Eliminate the risk of germs when using your Toshiba MFP

Did you know more than 80% of bacteria in fingerprints end up on touchscreens?

Before the pandemic we used shared and public touchscreens frequently without thinking twice. Whether it was a self-checkout at a grocery store, an ATM or even a multifunction printer (MFP), we thought very little about the risk of germs when touching screens we use daily.

Now the consequences of exposure to these germs play out in our minds like a horror movie, raising our anxieties and nearly keeping us up at night.

Although overall we’ve improved with simple procedures to mitigate risks – frequently washing our hands, cleaning, and disinfecting devices on a regular basis – for many of us, this simply isn’t enough to alleviate the stress now associated with touchscreen use.

So why touch a shared screen if you don’t have to?

Fortunately, at Toshiba we’ve developed a simple solution to ensure you eliminate the risk of spreading and acquiring germs when using your Toshiba MFP, without sacrificing any of the functionality you depend on for your daily tasks.

We now offer a free, and easy-to-use mobile application named eConnect TouchFree. Available in both GooglePlay and iOS app stores, eConnect TouchFree eliminates the need to touch the front panel of your Toshiba MFP.

Many of us already control many aspects of our lives through our mobile devices, from turning off lights, to locking our front doors. Why not control your MFP the same way?

Simply use the app on your phone or tablet and gain access to all the functionality of your device. The best part? It’s easy to use!

Convenience in your pocket

The eConnect TouchFree application provides the same experience as if you were using the front panel of your Toshiba MFP by mirroring its interface to your mobile device, giving you access to all its applications, including Elevate. This ensures zero disruption to your workflow without the risk of germs and bacteria when using shared touchscreens.

You no longer have to feel you’re living in a B-film rendition of “Revenge of the Touchscreen” every time you need to use your MFP device. Our hope is this app not only gives you peace-of-mind, but also simplifies your workflow to increase productivity.

To learn more about this application check it out in the app store of your mobile device.

And if you are interested in more ways to ensure safety with your Toshiba devices please reach out to your us for best practices and more information.