Document Scanning

Digital document scanning systems from C.F. Biggs include equipment—document scanners—and document scanning software that allow you to capture, store, manage and distribute documents that began their lives on paper, but can now be accessed by multiple users without recourse to copying or mailing them.

Document Scanning Workflow

Not only are documents scanned and converted into universally viewable PDF files, but they can become text-editable and searchable electronic files. This allows you to electronically archive, manage and distribute critical documents for use by approved users.


Storing scanned documents electronically enables you to eliminate paper clutter, postage expenses and storage costs. You are able to protect legacy documents from potential damage, fading or loss to which hard copies can be vulnerable.

Managing Documents
Electronically managing documents allows you to access them remotely from any location, eliminating expensive document handling, shipping and faxing. Employees can have the documents they need when on the road, at home or across the globe. You will enjoy expedited document search and retrieval, while enabling audit trails and improving security and controls. This can be particularly helpful for regulated industries like banking, healthcare, government and education.
Electronic documents can be quickly and cost effectively distributed to shared network folders, websites and content management systems (CMS). Scanned documents can be routed to remote printers, email and fax recipients, or easily copied onto CDs, USB memory devices and other media.
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